Where do I start with Delphi? A few months ago while planning this trip, I saw a Joanna Lumley travelogue on Greece, in which she visited Delphi. It looked magnificent and I was sold.

Getting to Delphi from Kalambaka was no mean feat, involving multiple bus rides and an unexpected taxi drive in Lamia. Once I'd arrived and sorted out my accommodation I walked down to the Temple of Athena Pronaia, outside the archaeological area. Even though it was late afternoon it was hot, dry and dusty.

The Tholos is a magnificent structure but trying to get a photo without a horde of tourists in the frame was a challenge. Instagram has a lot to answer for. One 'grammer plonked herself on a rock under the tree directly in front of the Tholos and took selfies for 10 minutes. Eventually a Greek gentleman became impatient and told her to get off the rock.

I liked the temple so much I photographed it both in portrait and landscape format.

The following day I visited the archaeological site. I arrived just after opening time and the site was very quiet. An hour later when the tour groups arrived it was a different story. The place was heaving.

One of the first buildings you pass is the Treasury.

Delphi is set in the most breathtaking location, under Mt. Parnassus overlooking the Gulf of Corinth.

Some of the featured sites of Delphi including the sacred omphalos of Delphi, a stone that Zeus is thought to have thrown to the earth.

The amazing Serpent column flanked by a cypress tree.

The Temple of Apollo

Despite the tinder dry grass, I still managed to find some flowering trees.

There is a complicated sprinkler system surrounding the relics. Clearly there are concerns about potential bush fires.

The amazing Delphi Theatre.

Messages are inscribed on these rocks.

The Delphi Stadium

Some of the archaeological finds. It's hard to believe a hundred years ago, these structures were buried underground. In general the Delphi relics are much better preserved than the Parthenon.

If you visit Delphi, don't skip the archaeological museum as it's excellent.

These are the last photos from my trip Greece. I just have a few Helsinki photos to share with you and the holiday spam will be over, for now. Then I guess it will be time for me to return to the kitchen.

See you all again soon.

Bye for now,


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