Greetings from London, where I've just spent the past few days struggling equally with jetlag and from the unexpected heat. 

I've had a few camera issues since my arrival - a few days ago I had a flat battery at a key moment coupled with the filthiest sensor I've ever seen and then the focus on my camera stopped working. Most likely issues one and two are connected to issue 3. Somehow, I managed to get the auto focus working again, but some of the images I took on the day are a little 'soft'. Unfortunately, I'm not in one place long enough to get the sensor cleaned or the focus issue looked into.

So how have I spent my time? I visited Somerset House, where I found children gambolling in the fountain in an effort to combat the heat. 

I visited the Chelsea Physic Gardens, a little beacon of calm in the city.
I arrived in time to take in the golden glow of the afternoon.
As I was staying in Fulham Broadway, I walked past the Stamford Bridge Stadium, home to the Chelsea FC, to the Brompton Cemetery, a place I'd not been before. I loved it so much; I visited it twice so expect an avalanche of photographs sometime in the future.

No visit to London is complete without a visit to Borough Market, where I photographed these beautiful artichokes and white asparagus.
My last day ended with a stroll along Marylebone High Street and a droolworthy visit to the Conran Shop.

Camera issues and unstable internet do not allow for long blog posts so I hope you'll understand that my posting will be irregular. I plan to do some proper blog posts once I'm back home with my familiar laptop and software and of course get my film developed.                                                                                 

Next stop Glasgow. 

See you all again soonish. Bye for now, 


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