Santiago de Compostela

I knew nothing about St James, whose remains are reportedly buried in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. I knew nothing about the camina, a pilgrimage that snakes it's way from France to Santiago de Compostela.

I knew nothing about the pilgrims who make their way on foot or on bike carrying a scallop shell and a special passport that's been stamped along the route.

I knew nothing about the special incense ceremony that occurs after the end of mass that we witnessed one Sunday. I was probably the only one who knew nothing because there were thousands of tourists in Santiago de Compostela and they were all there for a reason.

The cathedral is located opposite the town hall and a beautiful square made of granite.

I woke early one day to catch some sunrise photos and went to the square with some of the other GAP travellers late at night after one of our many late finishing meals to take some night time shots.

We found a group of troubadours playing in the square one night well after midnight. Our hotel faced a small square adjacent to the cathedral and the drinking and partying in the town went on into the wee small hours.

I'm not too sure if the pilgrims were doing the partying or the rest of the tourists. I've attached some photos of our 2 days there.

I'm on my return journey to Sydney - one flight down and just 3 to go! When I get home I'll post photos from the 2 Portuguese cities that we visited - Porto and Lisbon. Compared to Northern Spain both cities were a riot of colour .


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