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It's been a very busy few weeks for me. Just last week I delivered 2 sets of wedding images, took delivery of a of a 6 kilo wedding album for one of my clients, designed a wedding book for another client and found time to go to a performance by the Australian Ballet. How did I fit it all in? I'm ashamed to say I didn't go to the gym once last week but I will get back to my normal schedule this week. I only have 1 more wedding left for the year so expect more posts on food and homewares in the coming weeks.

When I was in London I arranged to meet Charlotte Casadejus who makes homewares from antique french linens. I bought a few items but as I was at the start of a 5 week trip and carrying a backpack, I arranged to have my purchases posted to me in Sydney. The items arrived a few weeks ago but I was too busy to take photos at the time, so here they are. I bought 2 cushions but one is going to be a Christmas gift - it's the one still hiding in it's wrapping and Charlotte included the heart shaped lavender sachet as a gift. It's in my workroom and makes the room smell just lovely,


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