Jacaranda Season

The jacarandas were in bloom when I visited Brisbane in October but the season starts a little later in Sydney than in Brisbane. We have a very small jacaranda tree in our back yard that is years away from flowering but there are some beautiful trees at the local church and across the street in Cooper Park.

Friday was my rostered day off so I was up early baking, doing the laundry and taking photos of jacarandas and scones. Having a day off is lovely but it's also expensive. I went Christmas shopping but still managed to come home with more goodies for myself than my friends. Apart from a few presents I also bought a dress to wear to our work Christmas party. I spent the afternoon editing wedding photos before meeting Ray and Mona from the Balmoral Beach wedding for a drink.

It might almost be summer in Sydney but by the time Saturday night came around, a cold snap had descended and the frilly little summer number that I'd bought for the Christmas Party was patently unsuitable for the weather. I draped a cardigan across my shoulders and just pretended that I wasn't freezing. By the time I made it home the temperature had dropped even further and it was obvious that it was snowing somewhere and close by.

I used to teach at Qld University and an old work friend from my time there was in town for the weekend co-ordinating clinical exams. I received a slew of text messages on Saturday morning letting me know that she was in town and wanted to catch up. The only way it was going to happen was on Sunday and Sunday was as much like winter as it gets in Sydney. Out came the jeans, long sleeved shirt, cardigan and scarf and away went the shorts and t-shirts. I met Jenny for lunch at the hospital then it was back home to finish editing Mavis's wedding before she returns from her honeymoon next week. Can you believe that December is almost here?


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