Friday Favourite - The Pantheon

I first visited Italy when I was 15. Even though it was winter and even though I had my wallet picked from my pocket in Florence, I have such fond memories of that time. I've returned to Italy on a few occasions since then - my last visit was in 2005.

I travelled from Paris to Rome on the overnight train and then another train to Sorrento. From Sorrento I joined an Intrepid trip of Sicily. Sicily was Italy as I've always imagined, with beautiful old buildings, fantastic mosaics and the food, the food! From Sicily we returned to Rome and from there I visited Venice and Florence before returning home to Sydney. Once I was back travelling on my own, I set off with my camera in hand and visited some of my favourite places, one of which was the Pantheon.

I took 2 versions of this photo - one in colour using my digital camera and this one using Fuji neopan black and white film, I think it was the 400 but I've misplaced my diary so I'll confirm that later. The black and white image blows the colour image out of the water. My sister liked the image so much she now has a large canvas of it

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