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I used to live in Woollahra a few years ago and I loved doing my shopping there. The major thoroughfare, Queen Street, is a beautiful tree lined street which has a European feel to it. Whenever I needed a location for a photographic assignment, it was the first place I visited.

Holdsworth Street is a tiny street that comes off Queen Street and if you didn't know about it, it would be very easy to miss. It's primarily a residential street with the best kind of houses on offer in Woollahra. For many years a homewares store was the only retail store in the street and that building is now home to the Donna Hay General Store.

I visited the store a few weeks ago in my quest to locate a cake plate. Who would have thought it such a difficult task but I'd been everywhere in a vain attempt to source the plate. I had a brain wave and visited the shop a few weeks back and voila - there was my cake plate. I was really taken with the beautiful home wares on offer and knew I had to return to take some photos.

I was in Woollahra on Saturday looking for shoes and managed to find a park in Holdsworth Street. I returned to the car without shoes (but that's another story), walked past the store and decided to drop by.

I spoke to the lovely Liz and asked if I could take some photos and she referred me to Donna, who was in the store that day. She kindly agreed and I returned the next day. It's very easy to photograph beautiful items displayed so thoughtfully and I had a fun time.

Thanks once again to Donna Hay for giving me free rein in her store.

Happy browsing,

P.S. It's a Long Weekend this weekend and I'll be out of town, so there'll be no posts until next week. Have a great Queen's Birthday Long Weekend and I'll be back next week.

P.P.S I'm seriously flattered that people like my work so much that they've featured these images on their blogs. Some people have done the polite thing and have let me know or even better asked my permission first. Using my photos without my permission, even with a link, or altering the lay-out infringes Australian copyright law. Please contact me first before doing so. Thanks muchly,

2016 Edit - the Donna hay General Store has closed but there is a new Donna Hay pop-up store at
the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park



  1. what a beautiful store! i lived in sydney for a couple of years (woollahra was my favorite sydney neighborhood), and was really hoping it would be open before we left to move back to the states. it's in the old bay tree location, right? thanks for the great photos!

  2. Hi Steph,

    you're correct. The Donna Hay General Store is where the Bay Tree used to be. The Bay Tree has moved to the former Mobili furniture site on Queen Street.

    Glad you liked the photos.

  3. Oh thanks for the pics. They are very inspirational. Now I know I really need to plan my next trip to beautiful Australia.

  4. Lovely, lovely photos. thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful pictures- enjoyed the virtual visit to her store.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these photos of Donna's new store. I live in Melbourne and I cannot wait to take a little trip to Sydney to visit the store myself!


  7. Wow, what a space! If I had a store I always think I'd want the name General Store to be in it too - with lots of stacks and bowls, bottles of little essentials and not so essential. Very cool. thanks for the tour.

  8. Jillian, your work is beautiful.

    I have been dying (just dying) to go to Donna Hay's General Store, and your pictures have made me more determined to get there ASAP.

    Your pictures fit in with Donna Hay's magazine-style completely (which I just love to read!).

    Everything is elegant and perfectly captured.

    Thanks for sharing these pics. Jasmine

  9. What a lovely glimpse into the shop for those of us too far away to visit. Everything is stunning, each little detail perfect. You've captured it all perfectly.

  10. I love all your photos of the Donna Hay General store and the vicinity -but my most favorite photo is the first one - of the sign! Beautiful.

  11. Great lovely pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Anonymous2:30 am

    What a lovely lovely store. I've never desired to own my own storefront but your images suddenly make me in love with the idea.

    Great photos!


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