SHOPSHOOT Parterre Woollahra - Part 1

I love pretty shiny things and if my own apartment wasn't so streamlined design wise, I certainly think I could live with a chandelier. My grandmother loved chandeliers and managed to squeeze two into her tiny 1 bedroom apartment. When she moved, one of those chandeliers went with her. Why am I writing about chandeliers? You may well ask.

I used to live in Woollahra and Queen Street has always been one of my favourite shopping areas. On Sunday I paid a visit to Parterre, a beautiful store housed in an old sandstone building in Woollahra.

Inside is a treasure trove of French antiques and collectibles whilst outside there is a parterre garden. There are magnificent tables, lights, glassware, mirrors and of course, chandeliers on display. I was in heaven.
Robert gave me free rein of the store and I photographed happily for an hour. As I took so many images I'll be doing 2 posts on Parterre. Today I'll post the interiors whilst the next post will concentrate on the garden.

Every time I photograph one of these beautiful stores, I leave with a few mementos. I brought home 2 beautiful Portuguese plates from Parterre - a geranium plate and a cabbage plate - which no doubt you'll see in some of my food photography.

I received an email from Kim today letting me know that a new shipment of goodies has just arrived at the store so even more reasons to visit Parterre!

I hope you enjoy the images. Please check back Friday for part 2 of the post.


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  1. Sandra10:49 am

    Great photos - you've really captured the Parterre look and feel. It's one of my favourite stores in Australia!


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