Friday Favourites - Silvermere, Wentworth Falls

It's too difficult to explain, but I've just had a 2 day break from work. As it was a last minute thing, I spent Tuesday night on the internet looking for a place to stay in the Blue Mountains, a 2 hour drive from Sydney. I've always loved the Blue Mountains and normally visit once or twice a year but it's more than 2 years since my last visit.

Originally I planned to stay at Echo Point but somehow I managed to find Silvermere on the web. It looked lovely and as I've always enjoyed the walks at Wentworth Falls, I decided to book into the last room available. I drove up to Wentworth Falls on Thursday and did the National Pass walk first before checking into Silvermere. I've done this walk many times but boy I found it hard going and my legs were pretty sore. Thankfully when I drove into the driveway at Silvermere it was everything that it appeared to be on the website and a bit more.

My room was spacious and spotlessly clean. The house was beautifully furnished and the gardens were gorgeous. I roamed around the garden with my camera and wished I could have recorded the scents as well as the images. I spent a peaceful night there before a delicious breakfast which kept me full until 3.00 p.m.

Have a great weekend,

Jillian - as you can see I've finished editing the photos and have added a few more. I'll post the rest next week.

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  1. Hope everything's okay Jillian and your break and walks did it's thing.

    Take care,
    Chantel x


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