Friday Favourites - Cooper Park

That's it. It's offical. I'm on holidays. No more work for Jillian until 2010!

I'm leaving you with this photo I took in Cooper Park about 3 weeks ago. A stand of these trees lines the entrance to Cooper Park in Bellevue Hill but once again I apologise for my botanical ignorance but I don't know the name of this tree.

The trees are only in bloom for a short season in summer and I love the hot pink colour of the flowers. I'd love to know the name of the tree so if there is there any-one out there who can help me out please leave me a message in the comments section.

I'm going to have an early night because I have a long drive ahead of me this weekend. Have a great weekend and I'll be back again on Monday.

Until then,



  1. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Brachychiton discolor, related to the Illawarra Flame tree and the Kurrajong.

    Beautiful! from a neighbour.

  2. Anonymous1:01 pm

    aka Lacebark tree


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