Little Miss B - almost four

I spent Sunday afternoon with Little Miss B and her family. She's growing up so quickly and has developed a whole range of poses that would rival anything seen on ANTM. She can certainly do fierce and her twirling is a sight to behold.

Later in the day I was told that we'd be playing fairies. I cried off explaining I couldn't take her photo and play fairies as it's awfully hard trying to manage a camera whilst wearing wings.

I call these wings, 'training wings' as Miss B has a much larger pair. I wore these last time we played fairies.

This is my favourite image of Miss. B from Sunday - a slightly dishevelled fairy, completely unaware of the camera for a change.

Only 2 more more working days left for me for 2009! It's been such a hectic few days with lots of Christmas get togethers and a baby shoot. I've eaten more in the last few days than I have in the last month so I think it will be a slice of watermelon for me for dinner tonight.

I'll be back again Friday before heading on a roadtrip to spend the holiday season with my family. So until then,



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