Friday Favourite - Phil The Frill Neck Lizard

This will be the last post from my trip to Brisbane and if you don't like lizards or reptiles in general, then look away. My parents place has always been home to a variety of goannas and lizards. On this visit home, Phil the Frill Neck Lizard a.k.a Phil the Frilly Lizzy had taken up residence. He was basking in the sun on the front steps as I drove into the driveway.

I was determined to take a photo of him and Phil was just as determined that this wasn't going to happen. He tried to camouflage himself as a brick and failed dismally. When he saw this tack wasn't going to work, he raised himself to his full height, puffed up his frill, hissed then bravely ran away as quickly as he could.

Maybe I should take up nature photography? Have yourselves a great weekend,


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  1. Thanks very much. I'm glad you like the blog,



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