Fig custard tart

It's fig season in Sydney, so a few weeks ago when fig prices were reasonable I bought a dozen figs to take home with me. Then I thought, what am I going to do with them? I looked on the internet and found this recipe from Brigitte Hafner. Brigitte owns a restaurant in Melbourne, the Gertrude Street Enoteca and writes for Gourmet Traveller. I've collected quite a few of her recipes so was confident the tart recipe would work.

The custard recipe looked intriguing with it's combination of orange rind, fennel seeds and a bay leaf.

My oven is slow, so the tart took much longer to bake than the recommended time.

I took it into work, not quite sure the reception the tart would receive. One of the boys saw the figs and declined a slice immediately. Michael eats everything, so that wasn't a good sign.

I took a slice home to photograph and to taste. The custard was delicious with just a subtle hint of spice but the figs were a bit disappointing. They looked so pretty but were a bit lacking in flavour. Next time I'll sugar the figs first and maybe add an extra tablespoon of sugar to the custard mixture. 

I hope you all had great weekends. My own was seriously busy. I'll be back on Wednesday with my second shopshoot of the year so until then,



  1. I love how you cut the fig to look like a blossom..which is fitting because the fig flower grows inside the fruit.

  2. Thanks Stephanie.

    Some days styling is easy and other days it's really hard. It's hard to get creative with a piece of fruit!


  3. Wow, that simply looks wonderful and sooo yummy! And I'm in LOVE with your photography, I always feel so inspired after visiting your little space here! Thanks!!

  4. Another figgy dessert will be coming in the next few weeks Kristina, so keep watching.


  5. That is disappointing when something doesn't turn out as you had hoped, but on the upside it looks very PRETTY!


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