lemon delicious pudding

Do you ever make Lemon delicious pudding? It's one of my favourite winter desserts.

The recipe usually contains quite a lot of butter but I found this low fat version by Rosemary Stanton many years ago and managed to track it down for you here.

The pudding separates into 2 layers - a lemon sponge topping over a tangy lemon sauce. It's a pretty simple recipe requiring ingredients already in your cupboard. If you read through the comments you can leave out the skim milk powder and water and just substitute with low fat milk instead.

The weather here is pretty wet and cold, so you know what, I might have to make another batch for my dinner tonight. 

It's only a few days now until I fly out and I've spent most of today trying to set up my new camera and laptop ready for the trip. It's coming together but I'm still not there yet.

For those of you in Australia, I hope you enjoyed your very wet Long Weekend, 


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