bamboo magazine

A few months ago, I received an email from the editor of a Brazilian design magazine called Bamboo asking if they could use one of my Merci images. To date my Merci images have appeared in publications in Hong Kong, USA, Sweden and now Brazil.

My copy of the magazine arrived by post a few weeks ago looking a little the worse for wear. I asked the editor if she could send me pdf's of the article and magazine cover to share with you.

My image is on the far right of the page. Now my Portuguese is as fluent as my Swedish so I can't read a word of the article but the page looks very pretty. By the way, I love seeing my work in print, so one of my goals in 2013 is to have my photos published in an Australian food or design magazine or even better, in both.

I'm off to watch the final of Master Chef Australia so see you all again next week,



  1. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Congratulations! How exciting indeed. I look forward to seeing your work in one of our local magazines. Cheers, Kathy.


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