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I don’t get out of Sydney often enough. Getting the domestic chores done eats away at my weekends and suddenly it’s time to return to work. Last weekend I put all the chores to one side, got into my car and headed for Dungog to attend a 'Christmas in July' dinner.

Have you heard about ‘Christmas in July’? As Christmas in Australia falls in the middle of summer, roast turkey with the trimmings and plum pudding when it’s 35°C outside is a bit of a challenge. Someone came up with the brilliant concept of celebrating Christmas in July when it’s the middle of our winter. In the past I’ve celebrated Christmas in July in the Blue Mountains and this year it was Dungog's turn.

It was a rainy old weekend, perfect for a hearty roast dinner. I arrived at lunch time so I roamed around the garden for a while, camera in hand, before heading back into the kitchen to do some baking.

I think I like the garden best when it’s the middle of winter and you have to search to find the beauty. Here are a few things I found.

Iceberg roses, just a little past their prime.

Things made from wood and wire and of course, the girls.

I love Farmer Andrew's chickens so I always take the opportunity to visit the hen house when I'm in town. Sunday morning I helped feed the girls their breakfast and here they are waiting (im)patiently.The girls had the option of hot muesli or toast and the toast was a definite winner.

Come back Wednesday and I'll show you what I made with a little bit of help from the ladies.

See you then,




  1. What a wonderful idea to celebrate Christmas again in July when the weather is cooler. I especially like the picture of the flowering quince.

  2. Thanks Juliana. It's been a while since I last heard from you. Have you been away?


    1. No, just extremely busy trying to wrap up my cookbook while juggling a job, working in the garden and organizing a conference. But I am looking forward to a week in France this autumn!


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