montreal markets

Whenever I travel I love to visit the local food markets to get an idea what people buy to cook and eat. When I was in Montreal I visited both the Jean Talon and the Atwater Markets.

It's Fall here so the markets were filled with potatoes, leeks and pumpkins, loads of apples and strawberries. I bought some lobo apples, a variety I've not seen before.

Aren't these capsicum so colourful?

I just love raspberries so one of these punnets came home with me.

Look at these beautiful hydrangeas.

Atwater markets were so much fun. This marching band entertained the crowd.

I just loved the building so I stopped to take a few more photos before taking my goodies home with me.

I hope you enjoyed these photos from my visit to Montreal. I'll be back next time with some images of Quebec.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends.


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  1. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Loving your fab images. Happy days! Cheers, Kathy


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