I'm in New York at the moment but when I was in Quebec last week, I stayed in the old port area at the Hotel Port Royal. I would walk through the old town each day on my way to the convention centre.

Quebec disappeared under a grey cloud for most of my stay but I did manage to see occasional flashes of blue sky.

Quebec is a very popular tourist destination and the streets are usually packed with travellers but during my 7.30 a.m walk to the conference, the streets were all but deserted.

I came back to photograph the Notre Dame de Quebec cathedral when the sun came out.

I found a few interesting details in the back streets where the tourists don't roam.

The Chateau Frontenac, reportedly the most photographed building in Quebec, with it's shiny newly renovated roof.

If I get the chance I'll post a few more photos from Quebec next week before I board my flight home. If not, you'll hear from me again once I'm back home again in Sydney. Where have the past 2 weeks flown???


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