launceston, tasmania

Hi Every-one,

I arrived home last night from my trip to Tassie. My apartment floor is covered in bags and there is washing hanging everywhere. I covered a lot of territory during the week so I have lots to share with you. 

I flew into Launceston so that's where I'll begin. I passed by this scene on my drive in from the airport.

I stayed in an apartment on Charles Street across from Princes Square. There was still some light so I grabbed my camera and went for a wander.

At this stage Sydney was burning so there couldn't have been a greater contrast than with this green, peaceful place.

It was a Sunday night and while there was still light I went for a walk through the empty downtown streets where I found this interesting building. Australia is a very young country but Tasmania houses many of it's oldest settlements. I went a bit mad taking photos of old buildings, so you have been warned.

The next day the rain fell but undaunted I decided to take a walk through Cataract Gorge.

Launceston is so lucky to have this amazing piece of wilderness right in the middle of the city.

Then it was onto Inveresk, home to the
Queen Victoria Museum, located on the site of the old Inveresk railway yards.

I fell in love with these old industrial buildings.

Harsh working conditions in the old engineering buildings.

Then it was back across town to the beauty of City Park. Launceston's cooler climate is so different from Sydney's so I rarely get to see these plants and flowers.

A few more pretty photos for you.

So tomorrow I'm going back to work and the gym. Gosh, that's going to be a challenge. I have loads more images to share with you over the next week or two including an impromptu shopshoot.

See you all again soon,


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