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Last week was busy, so apologies for not posting any more of my Tasmanian images until now. After a few days in Launceston I made my way over to the east coast of Tasmania. Before I did, I paid a visit to Franklin House. Franklin House is an historic house surrounded by beautiful grounds tucked away in an industrial area of Launceston. I first visited Franklin House more than 20 years ago and in that time Launceston has encroached it's borders. 

It's great that the grounds are fantastic because you're not able to take any photographs indoors. You'll have to take my word for it but the interior of the house is furnished in a style sympathetic to the period. Normally I'd buy a postcard of the interiors but the postcards were so old, faded and dusty I gave them a miss.

The gardens were equally as beautiful. Look how green the garden is, it's positively emerald in hue.

This beautiful climbing rose trailed over the old kitchen, filled with covetable antiques. I've always dreamed about owning a rose covered cottage.

From Franklin House it was back into the car and over to Longford to visit Brickendon. Brickendon is a world heritage listed site and it still operates as a working farm.

When you arrive at Brickendon, you're greeted by a chorus of poultry and lambs bleating hungrily for their breakfast.

The original farm buildings on the estate.

I watched this battle of dog vs cat play out to the end. Winner by a knockout - farm cat!

The granary and shearing shed at Brickendon.

It was shearing time in Tasmania. Have you ever seen a more magnificent specimen of a woolly sheep?

The blacksmith's shop.

The outlook from Brickendon Estate.

You can see the sky darkening in the Brickendon pictures so by the time I made it to Swansea the rain had begun and decided to hang around.

I took a walk around the headland near the golf course and spied loads and loads of bunnies. On my way back I saw an echidna and if you look closely in the final image, I managed to get a snap of him/her.

I first visited Tasmania and Swansea with my brothers so this was a little bit of a pilgrimage for me. I was a bit sad at the time and brothers being brothers, I was offered no sympathy. Instead as I gazed out gloomily to sea they renamed me 'melancholia'. I paid a visit to the bed and breakfast in which we'd stayed and took some photos of the little church across the road. I don't remember it being so charming.

Then it was time to find my lodgings, the lovely Wagner's Cottages on the road to Hobart, just outside Swansea. I stayed in the studio cottage with my own private garden and it was a nice haven from the wind and rain. Inside the studio, Belinda had left a loaf of freshly baked wholemeal bread. Freshly baked bread is one of my favourite things so I promptly devoured half the loaf topped with butter and Vegemite, a rare treat for me.

The studio was filled with the scent of home grown roses.

The following morning I'd planned to drive to Freycinet National Park to walk to Wineglass Bay but the rain was pretty heavy. In the end I abandoned those plans and decided to drive to Hobart. When I saw Spiky Bridge I had to find somewhere to turn around so I could stop and take a photo. It was bucketing down at this stage so I took these photos whilst simultaneously grappling with an umbrella.

I managed to squeeze in a shopshoot when I was in New Norfolk, so if I get time I'll post those images later in the week. I'm still waiting on some black and white film to return so I'll bring you some of those Hobart images next week.

See you all again soon,


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