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When I decided to visit Japan, I knew there was one place I had to visit and that was Fog Linen Work in Tokyo. I have a few pieces of Fog linen in my own home and I could always use more.

I sent an email to Yumiko and I was thrilled when she agreed to let me photograph her store.

I got a little lost trying to navigate my way around Tokyo and I arrived late. As I'm unfailingly punctual that made me a little embarrassed.

So what did I find inside? A polished concrete interior highlighting the goods for which Fog Linen is known.

Lots of wire baskets, linen, wooden bowls, beautiful glassware and some brass pieces, which I loved.

Home wares are located on one side of the shop while the clothing is located on the other side of the store. I absolutely loved the wire light fittings in the shop.

I was particularly drawn to the home wares, but I guess that's no surprise.

The beautifully finished clothing.

Aren't those brass clothes hangers gorgeous?

Linen scarves and slippers.

I came home with a brass bangle for a friend, but I could have bought the whole shop. Sanity prevailed because I still had 2 more weeks to travel.

Now that I'm home I do wish I'd been able to buy more but I guess there's always internet shopping.

Thanks again to Yumiko and the shop girls for putting up with me. 

I hope you've enjoyed my little visit to Fog Linen Work,

Bye for now,


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