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Normally I'm a very organised traveller with a planned agenda including a daily list of activities. On this occasion I was too busy leading up to my trip to prepare my daily plan. I was travelling with my laptop, so I thought I'd be able to arrange everything along the way. Then despite the best of plans, I found myself without internet access for a few consecutive days and my plans went to mush. 

As a result I found myself more than once arriving at a shop or historic home to find the doors firmly shut. This didn't happen on one occasion but on 4 separate occasions! So that's how I found myself one Thursday outside the closed doors of Flywheel in New Norfolk, near Hobart. The shop looked so cute, I decided to rearrange my plans and return another day to photograph the shop. So what did I find inside?

A shop devoted to all things paper, housed in a lovely old shop on New Norfolk's main street complete with beautiful pressed metal ceilings. 

The stock is beautifully displayed.

Out the back there's a beautiful old working press.

Inside, you'll find wrapping paper, string, gift cards and accessories. Many items are colourful.

Some are in more muted tones.

I think this image just needed to be in black and white.

In between the paper goods you'll find antiques. Here's a beautiful antique Jieldi desk lamp

A final image for you.

If you're in Hobart, make the trip out to New Norfolk so you can visit Flywheel at 42 High St New Norfolk. Just make sure you check they're open that day!

See you all next week,



  1. The best little shop, I love it. Planning on another visit soon!

  2. It is isn't it? Such a shame it's so far away from me in Sydney!



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