Road Tripping

Greetings from Noosa! I drove up to Brisbane from Sydney on Wednesday to spend Christmas with my family - a long and tiring 12 hour journey.

I managed to get sick the day before the drive up so I coughed, sneezed and spluttered the whole journey. Charming. I saw lots of great scenery along the way but it wasn't safe to stop and take any photos.

Today I drove about 2 hours north to Noosa where I met up with one of my old school friends and her husband. We had a lovely lunch at Seasons, a stroll down Hastings Street for some raspberry and lemon gelato and a stroll along the beach. I even found a wedding being set-up at one end of the beach.

I couldn't help myself and out came the camera to take some detail shots. I've attached a collage of my day trip to Noosa. I have a whole week of festivities planned up here then it will be back to Sydney for a month of hard gym work-outs.

If I don't get a chance to blog before Christmas Day, I hope you all have a great holiday season,


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