Junk Email

24 Jan 2008

I'm sending a quick email from work to my blog. I've had a large number of enquiries this past week which is a really good thing. In recent times all wedding enquiry forms that are redirected to my hotmail account are going straight into my junk folder. Now that I'm aware of this I make sure I check the junk mail folder on a daily basis.

I will always answer your enquiry within 24 hours unless something major has happened. If you've used the contact form on my website and have failed to receive a reply from me in 24 hours, can you please check your junk mail or spam folder? My reply could be lurking there.


Katrina and Efren

13 Jan 2008

I second shot with my friend and photographer Bruce Hudson last Saturday. This is the first time I've ever second shot so I warned Bruce that I would probably try and take over as I was used to being "boss". I'm afraid I did exactly that.

Katrina was cool, calm and collected and one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen, whilst Efren was a bundle of nerves.

They were married in lovely gardens at Caringbah.

Whilst Bruce and the bridal party cruised on the George River I headed back to the Motor Boat Club to take some detail shots.

To Katrina and Efren, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day!

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