29 Nov 2008

I've been collecting old glassware for some time. When I was in Paris I visited the Marche aux Puces, the famous French antique markets. Unfortunately I visited Paris in August when the whole city goes on vacation. Very few of the stallholders were at the markets but I managed to find one seller who specialised in old pharmaceutical glassware, letterpress and other ephemera. I bought a small apothecary jar in it's original wrapping paper and 2 small letter press letters in my initials - j and l. I had limited space in my camera bag but I managed to get the glassware back home safely.

For the photo shoot I decided to raid the garden and found some dandelions and assorted wild flowers that looked sufficiently delicate and ethereal. 

When I was going through the images I blew up the dandelion flowers and discovered that dandelions have the most amazing structure!


Chocolate Cupcakes

27 Nov 2008

I bought some silicone cupcake holders from Habitat when I was in London and I've been dying to make something with them ever since. Sunday morning bright and early I whipped up a batch of chocolate cupcakes using a tried and true chocolate sandwich cake recipe from my Margaret Fulton cookbook.

I've not used silicone bakeware before and was really impressed with how easily the cakes came away from the holders. You'll also spy some of my other new homewares in the photos - wooden board and placemat from Country Road and small serving platter from Mud Australia.

And what was the best thing about the whole experience? - licking the bowl afterwards!



The Butterfly File Post 1

25 Nov 2008

I was reading a forum post a few months ago by a children's portrait photographer in which she described her "butterfly file". It was a folder covered in butterflies in which she placed all her thank-you cards and press clippings. I've been meaning to create my own version of the butterfly file for some time, though in reality these days it would mean storing hard copies of email messages sent to me by my clients.

I was thrilled to receive a hand written note last week from my October 18 couple, the text of which forms my first ever "butterfly file" posting.

At the end of the day all one wants are happy clients so this little note let me know that all those hours I spent at the computer editing this wedding were worthwhile.


Jacaranda Season

23 Nov 2008

The jacarandas were in bloom when I visited Brisbane in October but the season starts a little later in Sydney than in Brisbane. We have a very small jacaranda tree in our back yard that is years away from flowering but there are some beautiful trees at the local church and across the street in Cooper Park.

Friday was my rostered day off so I was up early baking, doing the laundry and taking photos of jacarandas and scones. Having a day off is lovely but it's also expensive. I went Christmas shopping but still managed to come home with more goodies for myself than my friends. Apart from a few presents I also bought a dress to wear to our work Christmas party. I spent the afternoon editing wedding photos before meeting Ray and Mona from the Balmoral Beach wedding for a drink.

It might almost be summer in Sydney but by the time Saturday night came around, a cold snap had descended and the frilly little summer number that I'd bought for the Christmas Party was patently unsuitable for the weather. I draped a cardigan across my shoulders and just pretended that I wasn't freezing. By the time I made it home the temperature had dropped even further and it was obvious that it was snowing somewhere and close by.

I used to teach at Qld University and an old work friend from my time there was in town for the weekend co-ordinating clinical exams. I received a slew of text messages on Saturday morning letting me know that she was in town and wanted to catch up. The only way it was going to happen was on Sunday and Sunday was as much like winter as it gets in Sydney. Out came the jeans, long sleeved shirt, cardigan and scarf and away went the shorts and t-shirts. I met Jenny for lunch at the hospital then it was back home to finish editing Mavis's wedding before she returns from her honeymoon next week. Can you believe that December is almost here?


charlotte casadejus

16 Nov 2008

It's been a very busy few weeks for me. Just last week I delivered 2 sets of wedding images, took delivery of a of a 6 kilo wedding album for one of my clients, designed a wedding book for another client and found time to go to a performance by the Australian Ballet. How did I fit it all in? I'm ashamed to say I didn't go to the gym once last week but I will get back to my normal schedule this week. I only have 1 more wedding left for the year so expect more posts on food and homewares in the coming weeks.

When I was in London I arranged to meet Charlotte Casadejus who makes homewares from antique french linens. I bought a few items but as I was at the start of a 5 week trip and carrying a backpack, I arranged to have my purchases posted to me in Sydney. The items arrived a few weeks ago but I was too busy to take photos at the time, so here they are. I bought 2 cushions but one is going to be a Christmas gift - it's the one still hiding in it's wrapping and Charlotte included the heart shaped lavender sachet as a gift. It's in my workroom and makes the room smell just lovely,


Christmas Cake

In my imagination Christmas involves snow, mistletoe, fir trees and a figgy pudding. The reality in Brisbane involves 30 degree plus heat better suited to watermelon and a swim followed by a bbq than turkey and pudding. My Dad makes the pudding whilst I'm in charge of the Christmas cake and the mince pies.
I normally make the cake about 6 weeks before Christmas and I've been in charge of making the fruitcake since I was 16, taking over the role from my Grandmother. I tried out a few recipes before finding this version by Margaret Costa in Cake and Pastries, Technique and Recipes, part of The Good Cook a Time Life series. The recipe has been much modified over the years to reflect my family's preference for a cake without cherries and icing and to withstand the humidity of an Australian summer. We all remember the year I perfected the blue vein sour cherry Christmas cake!

The secret to a good fruitcake is all in the preparation and I started my fruitcake preparations a few weeks ago. Every week I'd buy dried fruits, nuts, flour and spices so come the day I'd be ready. I planned to bake the cake on Sunday and as I needed to wash then soak the fruit in brandy, I checked through my provisions on Saturday morning (just after returning from my weekly grocery shop) to discover that I'd bought natural sultanas instead of currants and needed to return to the shops. Bondi Junction shops late Saturday afternoon. I prepared the fruit last night, lined the tin with many layers of paper, measured, sifted, grated and generally did everything last night except bake the cake. I woke ridiculously early this morning and had the cake in the oven by 6.20 a.m. 4 hours later with the flat smelling of fruit and spices, the cake was ready. The cake is still cooling on a rack as I type this, waiting to be wrapped, sealed and stored until I return to Brisbane for Christmas.

We're always so full at Christmas time, that the cake isn't cut until well into the New Year. After 2 months maturation, the cake should be rich, moist and delicious. 

I'll let you all know how this year's version turns out,


Lisa and Shaun, South Curl Curl Wedding

9 Nov 2008

What did I do on my first free Saturday for almost 2 months? I photographed a wedding. 

When I heard that my friend and fellow wedding photographer Skye was coming up from Wagga for the weekend to be a bridesmaid, I made a swift decision to pack the cameras and make the drive to the Northern Beaches. I've never seen Skye in a dress before so I had to witness and document the event.

I've lived in Sydney for a long time now but I'm an Eastern suburbs girl through and through so I'd not been to South Curl Curl before. The weather had been dreary all day but managed to hold off for the arrival of the bride and her bridesmaids in their stretch limo. The bride was fashionably late so quite a crowd had gathered on the headland to witness her arrival.

The bride looked stunning as all brides do on their wedding day and it was a very emotional wedding with the bride and bridesmaids in tears as Lisa and Shaun said their vows. 

And how does Skye look in a dress? - well I devoted a whole collage to the bridesmaids and groomsmen so Skye looked pretty good and the boys didn't scrub up too badly either.

A few more from the day.

Bye for now,


Mavis and Eric, North Ryde Wedding

7 Nov 2008

Mavis and I work together and when I returned from my overseas trip I was delighted to find a wedding invitation on my desk to her November 1st wedding. 

Mavis and Eric have just bought a house so to help them out I offered to photograph their wedding.

Mavis looked like a porcelain doll in her wedding dress but when she changed into a traditional red dress for the tea ceremony, she looked even more beautiful. 

It's quite a lengthy post so I hope you enjoy the photos.

A few more black and white images for you.

One of my favourites.

A few more in colour for you.

Another one of the beuatiful bride.

Have a great time on your honeymoon in Japan,


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