Chocolate Brownies

25 May 2008

Another work morning tea is happening this Friday so it was into the kitchen to do some baking. When I don't have much time, this is the recipe I always turn to as every-one loves them. I styled them 3 ways - plain, dusted with icing sugar and frosted with melted chocolate, my preferred version.

I couldn't decide on my favourite lay-out so I included them all!

Bye for now,


Guava and Macadamia Torte

19 May 2008

What do you do when one of your patients brings in kilos of ripe guavas? You google Guava Recipes, that's what you do. I found a Steve Manfredi recipe for guava torte and baked the cake early Sunday morning. The cake batter was coloured a delicate pink and tasted pretty yummy.

I was wondering what to do with the finished product, when an email did the rounds at work reminding people to bring along something sweet to sell at Australia's Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Tuesday May 20, 2008. The cake is by the front door wrapped and ready to go. Hopefully the cake will raise a few dollars for cancer research.


Tart Lemon Squares

13 May 2008

I made a batch of tart lemon squares last weekend to take to a farewell morning tea for Najia, our receptionist. Unfortunately the hungry hordes descended and polished off the batch before I had a chance to put aside a few to photograph. So last Sunday I made another batch just to photograph. I made half the quantity and baked the squares in a small square baking dish so they are much more chunky than usual and consequently took a lot longer to bake. I think I like them better this way.

The lemon squares are now safely tucked away in the freezer until the next morning tea comes around later in the month. As there are only 8 lemon squares (well I did have to taste one for quality control!) I think I'll make some chocolate brownies to take along as well. Photos will follow.

Until later,


My Sweet Tooth - Baker's Delight Cinnamon Roll

11 May 2008

I have a very sweet tooth which I try to control most of the time. With a wedding to edit and working full time, this past week has been very busy. Unfortunately the pretty pictures you see do not come out of the camera looking that way. I have to spend a bit of time at the computer on each and every image to make them look their best. How much do I love film? Let me count the ways.

I race from work to the gym and then back home again to edit for a few hours. How have I kept going? - sugar. So far I have eaten 2 snack size picnic bars, 1 snack sized kit kat and a tiny little Lindt bunny.

This was yesterday's treat, an absolutely scumptious cinnamon roll from the local Baker's Delight. Yum!


Roger and Marias' Wedding

5 May 2008

Bruce and I had the pleasure of photographing Maria and Roger's wedding last Saturday at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Redfern. The church is gorgeous but very dark. After family photographs outside the church we drove over to Cremorne Reserve looking out over Sydney Harbour. The Saturday lunchtime traffic was awful and we caught every single red light getting over there. We were quite late so the bride and groom thought we'd lost our way!

The wedding reception was held at a private residence. Whilst drinks were being held we took some more photos, taking advantage of the soft late afternoon light. We took many, many photos but here are just a few to give you some idea of the day. I hope you both have a great holiday in Fiji.


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