Cangas de Onis

Apologies but I'm blogging out of order. The trip has been so busy that I can download the images each night but I don't get a chance to review them. I've yet to blog images from Pamplona or San Sebastian but I was just so impressed with the Picos de Europa National Park that I wanted to share a few of these images with you.

The park straddles Castile, Leon and the Asturias. Our day began with a 4 wheel drive through the park where we visited one of the villages before undertaking an 11 kilometre walk through the park. The walk wasn't all that challenging in terms of gradient but the path was a bit narrow and slippery. All 9 of us who did the walk survived in 1 piece.

I know I'm guilty of never posting photos of my fellow travellers so I've rectified that in this post. If you look very closely you'll see some of the group in one of the collages and I've attached 2 photos with names attached. Apologies if I've misspellt anyone's name.

I'll try and blog 1 more time before the end of my holiday and try and catchup with the rest of the photos on my return.



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