Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

Sunday dawned bright and sunny. As it was going to be hot, I was up bright and early to get the ironing and the baking done before the heat of the day. We have another morning tea at work this week and I decided to make cheesecake brownies.

I've never made them before and tried combining my regular brownie recipe with one of my cheesecake recipes.

I'll await the verdict from the masses before deciding whether to tweak the recipe.

Swirling the mixture wasn't as easy as it sounded so changes will need to be made.

Whilst the brownies were baking, I checked my emails and when I logged out, I saw the headlines about the bush fires in Victoria. At that stage the death toll was 25 and I was shocked because I'd heard nothing about bushfire danger in the region. As the day wore on, the news just grew worse and worse until we saw the first images of the devastation on the t.v. Eventually we had to turn the tv off because there's only so much bad news you can bear. One day later and the shock still hasn't worn off.


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