Maybelline, the ISA Brown

I'm a bit tired after the long drive to Dungog and back so this will be a short post. I spent the weekend in Dungog visiting my brother. Last year he won the inaugural Dungog Film Festival Trivia Night. I was invited along to boost the numbers and hopefully to ensure another win. It was a late night but we were victorious. I'm not sure how much help I was except for my embarrassingly phenomenal knowledge of popular culture. All those trashy waiting room magazines filled with gossip, half truths and reports from a "close source" finally came in handy.

Since my last visit to Dungog my brother has built a chicken run complete with the Chicken Hilton.

He is the now the proud owner of 5 Isa Browns who have managed to lay 9 eggs in their first week.

They're quite endearing things and I've named them all - Noelene. Doreen. Eileen. Jolene and Maybelline. Maybelline is my favourite. She is suffering from a terrible case of moult so is not the prettiest of birds but she can lay eggs and that's all the matters. Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs on toast, fresh from the girls, with mushrooms .

I'll post more photos of Dungog and a nectarine cake I made using eggs from the girls,


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