Apple Almond Cake

It's autumn here, although it's arrived a little later than usual. That means the fruit shop is filled with apples, pears and quince. When it came time to bake something for morning tea, I knew it had to be one of my many apple based cake recipes. I've always liked anything made with apples and my grandma used to make an apple cake for dessert nearly every Friday night.

I think I have at least 4 or 5 apple cake recipes in my recipe collection. I'm planning to bake them all, then do a taste test at work and see which one tops the poll before deciding which apple cake recipe makes the final cut for the book.

This recipe first appeared in Good Taste magazine 10 years ago, but it's years since I last made it. One of my work colleagues asked if I've developed all the recipes that I bake. I explained that most of my recipes are adaptations of original recipes. In this case I've increased the quantity of the mixture, added vanilla and ground macadamia nuts to the original mixture and almost doubled the cooking time. Does that make the recipe my own now? I'm not sure but I do know that it was wolfed down by the throng and some people even came back for second helpings.

Some of the apple photos on the blog were taken in Cambridge during my trip to the UK last year. My friend's house is built on what used to be an apple orchard and some of the original apple trees are still in their garden.

Enjoy the fruits of autumn,


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