Chocolate Date and Almond Cake

It's been a busy time for me in the kitchen. Last Wednesday our receptionist Irene M. turned 40. We thought one of our mega morning teas was in order, where all staff members bring something along. Mega morning teas can be a little interesting at times when hot chips and chili con carne appear on the menu.

I thought I'd bring something that was a bit more traditional than chili con carne so made a chocolate date and almond cake. I made some individual chocolate date and almond cakes a few months back but decided on the large version as it had to feed quite a crowd. It's essentially a very large meringue filled with tiny pieces of dark chocolate, dates and unblanched almonds. I decided to serve the cream on the side for all of those concerned with fat calories. My own slice is waiting in the freezer until I return from Brisbane next month. It's a very crumbly cake so I've probably already consumed a slice just by tidying up the crumbs.

Thanks for those of you who've been emailing me with your comments. I appreciate all your feedback.

Happy return to work (?)


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  1. Vanessa1:45 pm

    Jillian this cake looks amazingly delicious! I want the recipe! Vanessa :O)


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