Little Country Apple Cakes

We had the most gorgeous weather during the weekend and it was hard to believe it's autumn. Today it's grey and raining and just horrible and will probably be much the same for the rest of the week. That may put an end to my plans for a drive to the Blue Mountains on Saturday.

As it's officially autumn, my cooking style has changed. It's out with the quick and easy to prepare meals and in with the slow cooked casseroles. In the spirit of autumn I collected some leaves from Woollahra last Friday to jazz up my Little Country Apple Cakes. The recipe makes a 9 inch cake but I halved the mixture and baked 4 mini pies in Texas muffin tins inside. Each pie has a little surprise in it's base - a spoonful of apricot jam.

I'm on a self imposed "no treats" regime until my birthday in June, so these little sweeties are patiently waiting in the freezer. I keep thinking how nice they'll be for dessert one night warmed in the oven with a little tiny dollop of cream. Yum!



  1. As usual, those look delicious...Want to send one over in the mail? We'll supply the cream! Or ice cream...yum!!

  2. Do you provide recipes? I would love to make this in my own kitchen.

    Thank you. I find your pictures mouth watering. ;-)

  3. Hi Hani,

    if you email me at, I can send you the original recipe for the 9 inch cake.

    All the best,



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