North Beach Bathers Pavilion - Black and White Images

From the first time I saw the North Beach Bathers Pavilion at Wollongong I knew I wanted to capture it on film. I just loved the shape of the building and it's state of disrepair. I had no idea of the
political shenanigans that had gone on in recent times.

Whilst I was roaming around taking photos of some architectural details, some passers by were truly bemused by my interest and asked me what I was photographing. I don't think a drainpipe is quite the answer they'd anticipated.

When I use black and white film I photograph differently. I look for objects with strong lines and shapes or a scenario which tells a story - the perfect medium for wedding photography. I collected the black and white film from the lab on Friday and set to work polishing the images.

As promised, here's a colour image from Coal Cliff which I took last Sunday.

The weather was a bit wild and woolly as you can see from the surf and the vivid colour of the water in the pool is true to life.

The next post will be part 2 of my Donna Hay General Store photo essay, so I hope you check back. I hope you've all had a great weekend.



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