Chantilly Meringues with Passionfruit Curd

Australia is in the grip of the final week of Masterchef. A few weeks ago during the masterclass, Gary demonstrated a way of making lemon curd in the microwave. I was dying to try it out so a few weeks ago I left the fruit market loaded with citrus fruit and passionfruit and I set about making curd, 4 ways.

I bought some sweet preserving jars and made small batches of lime curd, lemon curd, mandarin curd and passionfruit curd. I think I ate half the curd during the cooking process 'cos it was just so delicious. At this stage I really don't have a stand out favourite as each curd has it's own personality. Now that I have all this curd stored in the fridge, expect a few curd inspired cakes and desserts on the blog.

With all those leftover egg whites, what else could I do but make some meringues? I sandwiched the meringues with a layer of passionfruit curd and cream. The verdict - delicious!


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