Reverse Chocolate Chunk Cookies

When I was back home in Brisbane for my birthday I sorted through old magazines hunting down long lost recipes. I unearthed a recipe for Reverse Chocolate Chunk Cookies from an old American magazine and I made the dough a few weeks ago. I didn't have time to bake the cookies so I stored the dough in 2 separate batches in the freezer.

The first batch I made were "chunky" cookies and the second batch I made were "regular" cookies. I tasted one of the chunky cookies, which took forever to bake, but they were a bit too chunky for me.

I took the cookies into work on Thursday and all but one were devoured by the end of the day. Most people didn't realise the cookies were different but in the end I managed to get a comment from one of the boys that perhaps the chunky cookies were too much of a good thing so I'll be making the cookies "regular size" from now on.

If you already have a favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe it's easy to convert the recipe - just add a few tablespoons of sifted unsweetened cocoa powder to the cookie dough and swap white chocolate for regular chocolate and roasted hazelnuts or macadamias for walnuts.

Next post will feature Doug up on Bourke, a treasure trove of antique and industrial wares, so until then


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