The Best Chocolate Brownie, Ever!

Coming back from Brisbane on Monday has put my schedule all out of kilter. I still haven't prepared my images from Brisbane but hopefully I'll have enough images so I post about my trip home on Friday.

I've been working on perfecting my brownie recipe all year and I think I may have finally achieved it. I've been reducing the quantity of flour each time I bake them and I think I now have the right balance of doneness and squidginess though I rather think I just made up those 2 words. The brownies are quite dense and chocolatey, filled with walnuts and iced with a melted chocolate topping cos I think brownies look a bit plain unadorned.

One of the girls at work took a bite and declared they were the best chocolate brownies, ever - hence the title of the post. My piece of brownie is still waiting for me in the freezer for one of those days when nothing but chocolate will do.

See you again soon,




  1. Anonymous1:49 am

    j'aime beaucoup vos photos, j'ai également un blog de cuisine (pas à votre niveau) et j'aimerais connaître le nom du logiciel que vous utilisez pour la retouche de vos photos.
    dans tous les cas, félicitation pour votre site
    "cuisine piège à garçons"

  2. Hi Corynne,

    I'm glad you like the photos. I do very little processing to my photos. I shoot in RAW and look for the best light I can. I process the images in Adobe Bridge using presets for exposure and brightness. In PhotoShop I do some selective dodging and burning, then I apply a sharpening action and that's about it.

    I hope that helps you,




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