Passionfruit Tart - The Egg Thief

I am now unofficially known as the 'egg thief' at work. How did I earn this title? We are often given food at work and when we place it on the table it's known as 'free for all'. When 4 dozen enormous farm fresh eggs appeared on the kitchen bench last Wednesday, we all wondered if they were free for all. When they remained untouched on Thursday the word went round that they were.

On Friday I brought in an egg container and carefully took 6 of the eggs home as I had plans to make a passionfruit tart. They were the largest eggs I've ever seen and when weighed they topped the scales at 75 grams. I made the tart on Sunday and whilst the pastry was crisp and light, the filling was a bit of a disaster. It really wouldn't set properly and cooked into nothingness so I didn't even bother taking a photograph and I dispatched the tart straight to work. I did make 2 small tarts for myself and took a photo of the better one of the two.

Whilst the tart was no thing of beauty, it tasted gloriously and intensely of passionfruit and the whole thing was gone before lunch time. Later in the afternoon, long after the tart had been consumed, I heard the owner of the eggs complaining that by the time she'd taken them home on Friday some of her eggs had been pinched! Mortified I 'fessed up immediately and explained that they were part of the very tart that she'd consumed.

The cries of 'thief, thief' when I walked in the office the next day were a little over the top I thought but I think all was forgiven when I was asked for the recipe. The recipe hasn't been written yet but I think the first instruction might be, don't use 4 farm fresh eggs....



  1. Anonymous9:52 am

    In the pictures, there is an orange I guess. What kind is it?

    BTW, beautiful pictures!


  2. Hi Max,

    it's a blood orange so makes very dark orange red juice,



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