Celebrity Master Chef is on the tv as I'm writing this. We're all interested to see whether the celebrity chefs are any good and as appealling as the regular Master Chef contestants. I guess time will tell.

I was going through some of my photos and I've discovered many that I've not shown to you before. I took these photos when I was home in Brisbane last month. You all know of my raspberry, passionfruit and rhubarb addiction. Well I might as well confess to a mango and cherry addiction as well.

It's not cherry season here yet and our cherry season is a short one so I must admit these are not local cherries but are from Washington State. I know I should buy local but I told you, I'm addicted. What else can I say?

I can't wait until I can photograph some local cherries, but until then,



  1. I love cherries and master chef! I'm watching it too :)

  2. I was busy blogging on Wednesday so I didn't see the episode until tonight.I'll certainly watch the next episode. I'm always surprised how many people don't "do" desserts as it's the bit I like the best.


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