Friday Favourites - Dungog

I promised you a few more photos from my weekend away in Dungog and here they are. I'd never been to Dungog railway station before as I always drive there. I walked through the Pedalfest crowd and made my way to the station and took some photos of the almost deserted platform and surrounds.

On my way back to Farmer Andrew's House, I passed by Harriette and Boof, who along with their owner had participated in 3 Pedalfests. Their owner was on his way to sign up for Pedalfest 2010. Now that's keen.

Back home I ran around the chookyard trying to take photos of the new residents of the Chicken Hilton. Since my last visit my favourite chicken Maybelline had sadly passed away doing what she did best - laying an egg. As well as ISA Browns, the Chicken Hilton is now home to Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks. The Reds and the Rocks are not keen on having their photos taken preferring to run instead. I returned to Sydney with some farm fresh eggs courtesy of "the girls". The large eggs are from the ISA Browns, whilst the small ones are from the Plymouth Rocks. The Rhode Island Reds are too busy running to lay eggs.

On my drive back to Sydney I passed by fields of very contented looking dairy cattle. I pulled over to take some photos and one or two of the cows were exceedingly interested in me and my camera.

Have a great weekend every-one,


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  1. Dungong - I've only ever passed though on the country link on the way though to my parents farm from Sydney, but my partner's father grew up there so I've heard a little about it.

    I like how you captured the station!

    I also love the farm shots! I'm spending a week on Dad's farm in October to look after him after he has a hip replacement. Can't wait to sneek off to take some shots with my new camera.

    Have a lovely weekend Jillian :)


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