Friday Favourites - Bellevue Hill

It's been another hot day in Sydney. I was out in the western suburbs for work and really appreciated the sea breeze that was blowing when I returned home this afternoon. I went to Bondi Junction and had a power shop. In one short hour I bought 3 Christmas gifts, some Christmas cards and stamps and have shortlisted a few more items to buy on Monday my day off.

On Monday I have a date with Kurt, the travel agent, to start planniing my trip for 2010. Dates and locations are hazy but I think you can safely say that London, Glasgow and Paris will definitely be on my itinerary plus some places in Scandinavia, probably Oslo and who knows where else. I'm certainly open to suggestions. As 2009 passed by without a holiday I've already told work they won't be seeing me in June or July. I normally book my trips about 3 weeks before I fly out so I'm not used to such long range planning.

For today I'm leaving you with the last few film images from my little plastic camera. As I was trying to finish off the roll of film, I literally walked out my front door and snapped the last 6 frames around my neighbourhood - the local church, Cooper Park and the block of flats slated for demolition.

It's been a really busy week so I'm glad the weekend has finally arrived. I have a 3-day break about which I'm really excited. See you all next week,


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