Paddington Markets

During the weekend I drove down to Wollongong and took my camera with me hoping to take photos from the Sea Cliff Bridge. As I drove along the highway near Bulli Pass I looked out over Wollongong and saw nothing. The whole place was covered in a dust haze, so that put paid to my plans. Happily I'd taken my camera with me when I went to Paddington on Saturday. I didn't take many photos but enough to give you a taste of my time there.

I haven't been to Paddington Markets in about 6 months - lots of reasons but mainly because I've been busy doing other things. The markets are in a bit of a mess at the moment. Some kind of construction is going on so many of the regular stalls are not where they should be.

With a bit of searching I found what I was looking for - Samantha Robinson's ceramics stall. I first learned about Samantha 3 years ago when I bought one of her white porcelain vases for my sister's birthday present. Her work then was mainly white and blue but now it's bursting with colour.

The rest of my time was spent trying to get my bearings and locate some of my favourite sellers. In my travels I found these great lights which I'd not seen before.

In my travels I found these great lights which I'd not seen before.

I also arranged my next shopshoot when I was roaming around Paddington but you'll have to come back next Wednesday to find out, which shop I shot.

I'll be back on Friday, so until then,



  1. Oh these are lovely! I've got some Samantha Robinson coffee cups on my Christmas list this year.

    Absolutely love your work! x

  2. Thanks so much. I also love Sam's work though I don't own any as yet. I love her tiny translucent yellow patterned cups but there weren't any on display last week.



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