Rockpool Date Tart

I've been clipping recipes from magazines since I was 12 and they're squirrelled all over the place. This clipping has been in my file for a long time now as it must be at least 15 years since I last baked the tart. I read somewhere that the date tart has returned to the Rockpool menu after many years absence.

It's a simple tart in many ways but complex in others. The filling contains just a few ingredients  - eggs, sugar, cream and a vanilla bean  - but it makes for a very rich custard. If you've ever eaten custard tarts at yum cha, it's quite a similar taste. 

The date is a bit of a surprise but it really works. I also think the tart would work equally well with prunes soaked in brandy or tea.

The recipe is exceedingly generous with it's quantities. I made a 5 egg yolk custard mixture and it made sufficient filling for a long oblong tart and 4 small tarts. I'm sure a 4 egg custard mixture would be more than enough to fill a 23 cm round tart shell.

The Rockpool Date Tart
 is a magnificent creation but it's not an every day dessert. It's best reserved for a special occasion.

It's a really busy week for me, so I'll do my best to post again mid week but if I don't you'll know why - too many Christmas festivities and lack of time.

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