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Greetings from Brisbane where I'll be spending Christmas week. I'd planned to post some Christmas treats today but I was inspired by my road trip from Sydney to Brisbane and decided to post some of those images instead.

I enjoy long distance driving which is a good thing because it's a long drive between Sydney and Brisbane. I load up the car with healthy snacks, prime the i-pod with driving tunes (Powderfinger, Crowded House, Paul Kelly, P.J.Harvey and Hunters and Collectors) and sing all the way whilst counting the kilometers as they tick over.

I stayed overnight with Farmer Andrew in Dungog on Saturday night before making an early start on Sunday. We had a bbq and watched the lorikeets, parrots, galahs and cockatiels swooping through the trees. It was a beautiful golden sunset so I took a few last minute photos of the garden in the golden hue.

I took a back route to Brisbane driving along Thunderbolts Way which takes you through the Great Dividing Range to the New England Highway via Walcha and Uralla. In case you're wondering, Thunderbolts Way is named after a local bushranger who roamed the area. I love this part of the drive because I have the road to myself and Thunderbolts Way reveals so many unexpected treasures. I stopped the car a few times, which is rare for me, so I could take a few photos.

The first gem was this sweet little church. The wedding photographer in me couldn't resist it. Wouldn't this be the perfect location for a sweet country wedding with photos in the adjoining orchard?

It was about 6.00 a.m. when I took this series of photos so the dew was still on the ground. Back into the car until I spied the trees on the hill and stopped to take some photos of the highway, the trees, the roadside flowers and the curious cows watching my every movement. 

They were not keen on being photographed and legged it as soon as their image was taken.

The last image I named 'The Wide Open Road' after the classic Triffids song of the same name. I was singing the song loudly as I drove along this stretch of road and no, I wasn't driving when I took the photo.

I'll be back with some Christmas baking on Wednesday but before I do, I'll leave my Sydney readers with a question. One of my blog readers has asked if I teach photography classes. Is this something that would interest my Sydney readers?  Teaching is a very large part of my day job and whilst I haven't run any photography classes to date I've been thinking about doing do.

If I have sufficient Sydney readers interested, I'd be happy to run a small group class for 4-5 people. The course would be a combination of both theory and practical sessions and would cover topics such as exposure, lighting, composition and design, colour management, image processing etc, etc. Practical sessions would be on location and you choose the theme - interiors/food/portraits/travel. You would need access to an SLR camera on the day, either digital or film and ideally a laptop as well but doable wihout and there will be homework! The course would be run over 2 sessions on separate days to give you time to work on your images/complete your assignments.

I know the comments page isn't particularly user friendly so if you're interested please send an email to info at

I'll be back on Wednesday with some Christmas treats so until then,


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