As I'm sure you all know, I live in Sydney, but I was born and grew up in Brisbane. I'm a proud Queenslander through and through and if you cut me, I still bleed maroon. Any Queenslanders reading this blog know exactly what I mean.

I visit Brisbane quite often but they're always whistlestop visits. This time I was home for a week and it gave me some time to reflect on just how different Brisbane is from Sydney. The most obvious difference is the climate - Brisbane is always hot and humid in summer and an air conditioner is a must have. Otherwise you need to live by the Brisbane River and hope for a cooling breeze in the afternoon - that is if the sky hasn't turned a thunderous grey and it's not pouring with rain.

Because of the climate the plant life is different. The foliage is green and the colours are bright. Apart from the macadamia and banana trees in our backyard, just a short walk from my house I walk through an avenue of poinciana trees and pass by an avocado tree, mango trees and a paw paw tree.

The Queensland climate dictated the housing which was designed around capturing breezes and the Queenslander was born.

I always wanted to live in a Queenslander and there are many fine examples in the neighbouring suburb of Ascot. I happened to spy this little gem on my way to the gym one morning.

I was in Brisbane for Christmas and visited the Powerhouse Markets. Just take a look at the produce on offer and the crusty Queensland farmer plying his wares.

Love you Brisbane,



  1. I LOVE your photos! Your work is always so BEAUTIFUL and refreshing. Happy New Year!!

  2. Thanks so much for the compliment Beth and Happy New Year to you as well,



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