Canberra always looks so dry and dusty in summer. My first stop was the Australian War Memorial. I've been before but it was many years ago and a new pavilion has opened since then. It was so busy inside and as I'm not very good with crowds I visited the Love and War exhibition and marvelled at the size of George, the Lancaster bomber, in the Anzac Hall.

I really loved the new Anzac Hall and how it hugged the land. When I did a bit of research I discovered it had been awarded an architectural award.

From the heat of Canberra it was off to locate my hotel, the Realm. As hot as the weather was, cool was the only way to describe my room.

Do you remember the shopshoot I did of Bison Ceramics? My room contained 3 pieces of Bison including the highly covetable sky blue dish you see on the coffee table. I managed to fight the urge to slip the dish into my luggage because I don't do that kind of thing (and it doesn't match my home colour scheme).

After a monster breakfast and a visit to the NGA I made my way back to Sydney via Collector. I haven't finished preparing the images yet so check back next week for part 2 of my trip to Canberra.

I'll be back on Friday with a Friday favourite so until then,


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