Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Tarts

This should be under the heading, Inspired Leftovers. I had some leftover chocolate pastry dough and decided to make a heart shaped dessert in honour of Valentine's Day. I had sufficient dough to make 3 tart shells but the pastry was so fragile, one of the tarts crumbled. I decided that was okay 'cos 3 is definitely a crowd on Valentine's Day.

I went to the fruit market last Saturday and raspberries were on special. I took that as a sign and bought 2 punnets to fill the heart shaped shells. The last thing I needed was a chocolate ganache recipe. I found this recipe for white chocolate and raspberry ganache in Gourmet Traveller and substituted the white chocolate with milk chocolate. I only used about half the quantity so the rest is waiting in the freezer for another occasion.

I decided to be selfish and chose not to take these little beauties into work and kept them for myself. So, the verdict? These are absolutely scrumptious and I have a feeling it's because I used milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate in the ganache.

If you made the recipe as 3 inch individual tarts, rather than heart shaped, they would be a perfect 'dessert to impress' at a dinner party. I'm off to Melbourne later this week so blogging my be a bit haphazard and out of order but I should have lots of goodies to share with you next week.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 pm

    I am definately going to try these :)


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