Blueberry Cheesecake

Today it's my day off and I was busy as ever. I've done a studio shoot; prepared the images from the shoot; visited the travel agent; been to a cycle class; had some blood tests done and prepared the dinner. For my dessert I'm going to have a piece of this blueberry cheesecake.

March is a huge birthday month for me. Today is Farmer Andrew's birthday; last week 3 friends celebrated their birthdays and this week 2 more friends are having birthdays. I made this cheesecake for a workmates birthday 2 weeks ago. It's my usual apple cheesecake recipe but instead of using apples I thought I'd make it with blueberries instead.

I've not tried the cheesecake yet but it was all gone by lunchtime, which is a good sign.

Can you spot my new cups? - my only purchase from my recent trip to Melbourne.

I was quite generous when I cut my slice, so I'm having half the piece for my dessert tonight and I'll have the other half tomorrow night.

I've done a lot of shooting the last 2 weeks so there are many images to prepare. I'll be back on Wednesday with some more photos - maybe the rest of my Dungog photos.

Meanwhile it's time to put the oven on for my dinner so I'll finish here.

See you all on Wednesday,


Edit - oh dear. I've been doing some background work on the blog, tidying up old lay-outs and reattaching broken links. This is a post from 2010 that somehow snuck into 2016. See you all on Monday.

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