Chocolate Raspberry Roll

Last weekend I visited friends for dinner and I promised to bring the dessert. I've been wanting an excuse to make this chocolate roll again for quite some time.

What has this little minx got to do with a chocolate raspberry roll? Well she liked it so much she had 2 servings and ate all the chocolate leaves I'd so carefully made but more about Miss B next post.

Dione Lucas visited Australia many years ago, long before I was born and brought this recipe with her. This is an adaptation of the recipe I pulled from the pages of a magazine many years ago. So long ago that the paper is now yellowed and the edges are torn. The chocolate cake contains no flour so it's more a rolled chocolate souffle than cake. The original recipe dusted the cake with cocoa but I prefer icing sugar with the berry filling.

As the cake contains no flour, it cracks like crazy as you roll it but I think that adds to it's charm. That way you know there are raspberries and strawberries lurking within.

The finished product before Miss. B demolished it. I had a piece as well and it really is a fantastic confection and sure to impress.

I'll be back Wednesday with more photos of my afternoon with Miss. B so until then,



  1. Oh wow that chocolate raspberry roll is a fantastic piece of art, plus I bet it tasted FANTASTIC ;) Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi Patty,

    it's ages since I last made the roll and it tasted even better then I remembered.

    Thanks for the nice words,



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