Cinnamon Rolls

Is there something you're really not good at no matter how hard you try? Well I'm hopeless making puff pastry so I buy ready made and my bread making skills are a bit hit and miss. Last week I decided to make cinnamon rolls and also made pizza for my dinner. Using the same yeast and the same flour, the pizza dough rose spectacularly but the sweet bread mixture less well. What gives?

My grandmother was a champion bread maker. My Dad is known for his sweet rolls and my brother is a bit of a bread whizz as well. I must have missed out on the breadmaking gene.

I brought this recipe for cinnamon rolls back with me from Canada and the Winter Olympics coverage inspired me to make a batch. They didn't rise as much as I would have liked but they still tasted pretty good. I froze half the batch uncooked so when I need a sugar hit, I bake a roll straight from the oven.

Next time I'm home I'm going to snaffle Dad's recipe for sweet bread rolls and practise, practise, practise until I get it right. I couldn't track down the original Canadian recipe I used but this one is pretty close. Have fun making them.

I'll be back on Friday, so until then,


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