Queensland Art Gallery

When I was home in Brisbane for the Easter break I decided it was time to visit the art gallery. It's been years since my last visit and in that time the Museum and Library have moved to the Arts Precinct and the GOMA has opened. There was only so much culture I felt I could absorb on Easter Monday so I limited my visit to the Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery is a low, light filled building and in years past, I'd been a 'Friend' of the Art Gallery. I'd forgotten how much I liked the gallery. The Stephen Jones Hat Anthology had just opened so I took a look before strolling through the rest of the collection.

It might have been autumn in Brisbane but it was a sunny 27ºC on Monday, so after visiting the gallery I walked to Southbank. I was amazed at the number of people doing the same thing. I never think of Brisbane as a tourist destination so were they locals or were they visitors?

The weekend has just about arrived and I'm so glad. Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday with some more baking for you,

Until then,


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